My Old (Dutch)Master 2020

The old master floating on the water. Stainless steel sphere with a diameter of 1 meter. At a distance he reflects the “Dutch Skies” as in the old paintings.

Reflections occur frequently in my objects. It stands for self-reflection. My conceptual art includes the theme “What would a human being done if the other person would not have had power?

In the spheres are the heaven and the earth, your light and your dark sides. As you look at it, you can consider your life—and consider who your victims were or were not. And how you continue your life, think about the future and what is to come.

For me personally, landscape is a place where I can let my thoughts run wild and contemplate the day and life. Where I gain Inspiration and come up with ideas.

“My Old Master”
Is such a landscape. I have given this title because in the sphere I often recognize a 17/18th century landscape from the “Old Masters” that I was allowed to admire in the Rijksmuseum as a child. Even then, the fascination for the combination of skies and landscape was born.