The Garden of Eden 2020

Print on artglass (2mm) and paper Archival pigmentprint 
on 2 mm dibond with taxidermy insects 

112 x 79,5 cm 
Framed in white handmade Walnut frame 40×80 mm

Arnix create his Garden of Eden; The surface of the glass reflect the viewer and give you the opportunity to self-reflection. Arnix likes to give his version of this classic theme that is also presented in old master paintings.

Until “The Fall” all animals where still in peace with each other and there was no death and destruction. animals are also significant as symbols. They refer to the various human temperaments.

The serpent, the most cunning animal in Paradise, persuaded Eve to bite the fruit.

The peacock stands for immortality, dignity and self-confidence.

The butterflies represent transformation joy and lightness

The dogs stand for adherence and vigilance

The deer living in Arnix backyard traditionally has been associated with the cycle of nature, with downfall and resurrection, because in the spring it abrades its old antlers until it hangs in bloody fragments, so that a new one gets the chance to grow. The deer also symbolizes the heavenly desire

The ant represents labor and wisdom

The turkey represents courage and sacrifice

The white horse symbolizes pride and lust.

The illustrations are inspired by stick-on shapes from Arnix’s childhood and the printed matters of Hendrik N. Werkman (1882-1945).

Insects Taxedermy: Chalcosoma Atlas , Phoebis argante, Cithaerias merolina, Chrysochroa buqueti, Sagra longicollis, Eupholus magnificus, Lamprima adolphinae, Batocera victorania, Camponotus gigas, Zerene eurydice, Euchroma gigantea



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