🇳🇱Singular-Art Gallery Nijmegen The Netherlands June-August 2019

Singular-Art – Waalkade 72 – 6511 XR – Nijmegen, The Netherlands Open Thursday – Sunday 10-6 pm.  And by appointment +31 620801765

08June 2019-15 August 2019 A Piece. A Place.

The aim f the gallery is to create a space and website that will facilitate meaningful interaction with single, autonomous pieces of art. In stead of having a set schedule of exhibitions, Singular-Art will pour all of its effort and resources in the production and presentation of specific pieces by selected artists. By doing so, we hope to cultivate a dynamic cultural space that will be able to interact with both local and global communities. On show: Arnix Wilnoudt  ” The Fall of Adam and Eve”