Selfportret 2022

Print on artglass (2mm) and paper Archival pigmentprint 
on 2 mm dibond. 57 x 30,5 x 100 cm 
Framed in white handmade Ash wood sprayed white 3 x 2,6 cm

Arnix create his Garden of Eden; The surface of the glass reflect the viewer and give you the opportunity to self-reflection. Arnix likes to give his version of this classic theme that is also presented in old master paintings.

Until “The Fall” all animals where still in peace with each other and there was no death and destruction. animals are also significant as symbols. They refer to the various human temperaments.

The Ermine stands for purity. The swallow stands for freedom and feeling detached from everything. The Bee stands for immortality, rebirth, diligence, order and organization, purity and purity, the soul, virginity and chastity. The dragonfly stands for playfulness and change, but also for happiness, prosperity and harmony. A sparrow stands for productivity, creativity and care.

The illustrations are inspired by stick-on shapes from Arnix’s childhood and the printed matters of Hendrik N. Werkman (1882-1945).

Taxedermy: Mustela erminea, Aglais io, Zerene eurydice, Gonepteryx rhamni, Batocera victorania and Chrysina optima.