🇺🇸 Rimonim Art Gallery Miami November 17 – December 24, 2016 Art Basel Week

Rimonim Art Gallery shows the ” The Taste The Future Collection”

Venice Italy; “Taste the Future” Event and ArtCollection Venice, September 2015 organized by The Dutchartists Arnix Wilnoudt, Herman de Vries, Maartje Blans en Lisette Huizenga. The Taste the Future Collection is a selection of artworks fitting in a pizza box created by the participating artists of Personal Structures Crossing Borders 2015 during the 56. Biennale of Venice.
“Luctor et Emergo” is Arnix’ Taste the Future object in a pizza box.
November 17 – December 24 2016

Marc Abele (Germany) Orly Aviv, (Israel) Bruce Barber (New Zealand) Maartje Blans (Netherlands) Norberto Carating (Philippines) Iris Dostal (Austria) Andras Gal (Hungary) Beatriz Gerenstein (Argentina- USA) Valerie Ghoussaini (France) Kimberley Gundle (South Africa) Maureen E. Harrison (Canada) Lisette Huizenga (Netherlands) Seema Kolhi (India)Karen Lemmert & David Naill /Manifold Design (USA) Norma, Lopez (Columbia-USA) Una Moehrke (Germany) Lili Nalŏvi and Jesko Willert (Germany) Houria Niati (Algeria) Daniel Pešta (Czech Republic) Daniel Schär (Switzerland) Jonathan Shimony (USA-France) Herman de Vries (Netherlands- Germany) Dörte Wehmeyer (Germany) Arnix Wilnoudt (Netherlands)

Rimonim Art Gallery
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