Le Petit Caporal, 2017

34,5×30,5×55,5 cm Mixed Media, silicone and porcelain

Often one chooses self-esteem, masturbation, potency, strength, power, wealth and loses sight of limits. Especially abuse, oppression and violence are still on-going events. The church and the army are particular masters in hiding such matters. This effect is also seen in figures of authority such as heads of state, prominent people in law or influential people. They are merely into selfishness, immunity and degenerate into that abyss. A nickname of Napoleon Bonaparte was “Le Petit Caporal”

Medals: they stand for exemplary behaviour, courage, extraordinary achievement or leadership. With his particular view of the world however, Arnix infuses them at the base of Napoleon with an entirely different powerful and colourful meaning. Their presence and quantity are almost voluptuous and excessive and invite self-reflection. The glass bell suggests so-called immunity, the mirror self reflexion.