Garden of Humiliation 2023

Arnix create his Garden of Humiliation; The surface of the glass reflect the viewer and give you the opportunity to self-reflection. 

Self-portrait memory of his 4 years old.
At the preschool with the nuns of De Onze Lieve Vrouwen in Amersfoort, he was humiliated after he wet his pants because he had diarrhea. He was allowed to clean up everything himself in the hallway where he was on his way to the toilet. Then he was sent home like that. Along the way, he hid behind the trees when someone came by. He felt intense shame and in every corner he saw observing eyes…Only the nuns darkened their eyes… The mouse symbolizes a pest and a scared little mouse.

On the window flies the `Snew’ (in Dutch Nun/Nonnetje)

Taxedermy: Apodemus sylvaticus, Tosena melanoptera, Cyclommatus metalliffer, Scarabaeus sacer, Enoplotrupes shapi, Xylotrupes gideon, en Typhaeus typoeus.