Garden of Eden III, 2021

Print on artglass (2mm) and paper Archival pigmentprint on 2 mm dibond 135×100 cm. Framed in white handmade Walnut frame 40×125 mm

Arnix create his Garden of Eden; The surface of the glass reflect the viewer and give you the opportunity to self-reflection. Arnix likes to give his version of this classic theme that is also presented in old master paintings. Adam with the apple on his head and the arrow of the legend of William Tell.

Until “The Fall” all animals where still in peace with each other and there was no death and destruction. animals are also significant as symbols. They refer to the various human temperaments.

The Greenfinch as a symbol of strenght and cleverness.
Gray-crowned Goldfinch symbol of goal ambition and hope.
Black tit symbol for agility and diligent.
The horses symbolizes pride and lust.

The illustrations are inspired by stick-on shapes from Arnix’s childhood and the printed matters of Hendrik N. Werkman (1882-1945).

Taxedermy: Carduelis carduelis, Periparus ater, Certhia brachydactyla, Pyrops intricata and Catacanthus incarnatus.