Day and Night, 2018 🔴 Sold

Print on artglass (2mm) and paper Archival pigmentprint on 2 mm dibond with taxidermy bat (Kirivoula picta) and flying dragons (Draco volans) 100×135 cm
Framed in white handmade Walnut frame 40×80 mm

What would a human being have done if the other person would not have had power? Did your life change in a nightmare… Think about what you do in life. Are you the donkey who change someones life for ever?  The sun is image of the higher force, and it is approached by the dove as a symbol of the spirit of life, moving towards the unattainable. The bucking donkey represents the loser. The bat is the opposite pole of the white pigeon. The dove is a diurnal animal and, among other things, a symbol of the Holy Spirit and heaven; the bat is a nocturnal animal and the symbol of the devil and hell. The flying dragons are the evil and challenge you to defeat them …burn them with your spirit. The woman stands for the personification of perfection.

The surface of the glass reflect the viewer and give you the opportunity to self-reflection.
The illustrations are inspired by stick-on shapes from Arnix’s childhood and the printed matters of Hendrik N. Werkman (1882-1945).

Private collection The Netherlands